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ABC Chinese Language College

Extra-Curricular Overseas Chinese Language Program at Schools

Chinese, Australian and proud.

Our Philosophy

We believe that education provides opportunities for those that practively seek excellence.

Our Mission

To better equip young Australian Chinese to:

Gain a greater grasp of Chinese language within a culturally relevant context.

Build a positive social identity as a Chinese Australian through the mastering of language and an understanding of their cultural heritage.

Foster more confident and effective interaction and communication with family, relatives, community, and peers.

Empower our students to be independent learners and be able to identify environments of learning that best suit their needs.

Our Values

We believe:

Every student is an individual that learns and achieves at their own pace.

Teaching is not a static process. 

Teachers should be continually challenged/encouraged to assess and reassess the learning environment. 

Teachers should actively involve in the update and continual improvement of the program. 

Effective teaching and learning is active not passive. 

Learning languages broadens an individual’s opportunities and academic developments.

Our Program

- Provides quality programs to Australian Chinese primary school students (ELC to Year 6) that complement their formal studies and encourage them to master their mother tongue and explore their Chinese cultural heritage.
- Assists students to explore their personal identity as a Chinese Australian while understanding the importance of language in that process.
- Prepares students to better succeed when advancing to more senior formal study.
- Promotes accelerated learning opportunities.

Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed and refined based on a program developed by the Nanyang University.

This model was adopted after extensive research into best practice approaches and available active pedagogies relating to needs of Chinese students living outside of mainland China.

The program combines the essence of IB PYP and the principles behind the National Curriculum for primary schooling, working across a transdisciplinary program that includes subject content in PE, Science, Maths and Chinese Art.



PE and Health


Oracy and literacy competency
Thinking skills
Physical movement

Oracy 听说
Listening and speaking competences develop through practice focusing attention and grasp key vocabulary and maintain conversation on topic with clarity. Our learning content provides wide range of vocabulary. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their understanding in oral exercises. 
Literacy 读写
Character writing enhance students’ competence in recognizing scripts which are the fundamental skills in learning Chinese.
Cognitive development 思
We understand the importance of being critical thinkers, problem solvers, and well-organized learners. Students learn how to learn and learn through trial and error with confidence.
Move to learn 动
Students participate in a broad range of language activities that enhance their language learning experience based on the theory of ‘Total Physical Response’.

Our Team

All staff regardless of qualifications are required to complete a training program co-ordinated by the College Director and assessed through classroom observation prior to taking full control of a classroom. Continuous personal and group development activities are undertaken with staff throughout the year.
  • Maggie Gu, the director of ABC College is an experienced Chinese language teacher beginning her career after graduating in 2003 with a Chinese language and literature major. Her teaching practise has included primary school, middle school, and university executive language programs. 

  • Maggie continues to attend and present regularly at state and overseas education events and has contributed to several academic publications on active text-based learning methodologies. 

  • Language Learning Space (www.lls.edu.auincludes Maggie’s ‘learning Chinese with games’ since 2013 to demonstrate her engaging language teaching approaches which lead to high middle school retention rates and excellent academic results in both SACE and IB Chinese courses. 
  • Her master dissertation was selected as a reference text by the Adelaide research Institute language teacher training program. She is currently the Chinese language program coordinator at Concordia College overseeing school’s ELC-Y12 Chinese program, and her PhD research focuses on Chinese language program and teacher training in Australia.
  • Ms Yu taught Chinese in primary school back in Beijing before settled in Adelaide with her family and currently is studying Creative Arts. Her interactive teaching styles engages students from all year levels.
  • Ms Zhang has been teaching Chinese in middle schools for over 10 years with students coming from multicultural backgrounds requiring experience of differentiation and cross-cultural understandings.
  • Ms Xahriza’s popularity confirmed by Level 1 students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese! As an Australian trained high school Chinese and Psychology teacher, she has developed unique engaging and fun teaching approaches.
  • Dr Liu has worked with Maggie to develop the transdisciplinary curriculum to maximize students’ language exposure in all subjects.
  • Australia trained primary school teacher Ms Zhuo is very popular with our Pre-school years students – learning Chinese with fun.
  • Australia trained Child Care educator Ms Yao is our Pre-Level teacher’s aid and enrolment coordinator. 

Contact Us:

Enrolment Enquiries:
0405 147 638

24 Winchester St., Highgate
1-4 pm Saturdays during school terms

Curriculum and Partnership Enquiries:
Maggie Gu, 0402 554 793