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Our Philosophy

Our Mission 

To better equip young Australian Chinese and Australian’s from non-Chinese backgrounds to:

Gain a greater understanding of Chinese language within a culturally relevant context.

Assist our students from Chinese backgrounds to develop a positive social identity as a Chinese Australian through the mastering of language and an understanding of their cultural heritage and foster more confident and effective interaction and communication with family, relatives, community, and peers.

For our students from non-Chinese background to master a second language within the context of its history and social and cultural context.

Empower our students to develop as independent learners and be able to identify environments of learning that best suit their needs.

Our Values 

We believe: 

Every student is an individual that learns and achieves at their own pace. Teaching is not a static process. Teachers should be continually challenged/encouraged to assess and reassess the learning environment.

Teachers should actively involve in the update and continual improvement of the program. Effective teaching and learning is active not passive.

Learning languages broadens an individual’s opportunities and academic developments.

Our Program

  • Provides quality programs to Australian Chinese primary school and middle school students (ELC to Year 12) that complement their formal studies and encourage them to master their mother tongue and explore their Chinese cultural heritage, or to grasp Chinese as an additional language to foster multi-cultural and multi-lingual identities.
  • Prepares students to better succeed when advancing to more senior formal study.
  • Promotes accelerated learning opportunities.

Our Curriculum

Chinese as a heritage language program & curriculum is developed and refined by our team based on the textbook developed and edited by the Nanyang University appointed by Singapore Curriculum Planning & Development Division Ministry of Education as the national Chinese language textbooks. 

This model was adopted after extensive research into best practice approaches and available active pedagogies relating to needs of Chinese students living outside of mainland China.


Focused practice and rich vocabulary enhance topic-based conversations.


Character writing improves fundamental Chinese script recognition.

Cognitive development

Students foster critical thinking and confident trial-and-error learning.

Move to learn

Students engage in diverse 'Total Physical Response' language activities.

Our Curriculum

All teachers at ABC College have teaching experience in Australia. Majority of our teachers and staff are Australian trained educators and hold graduate degrees in education or other professional fields. Before any teacher at the Saturday School takes a class independently, they are required to complete a mandatory training and assessment period for not only their grasp of text-based language teaching theory, active learning methodologies but their ability to implement it in the classroom. This structure has resulted in a high retention rate for both teachers and students.

Our Philosophy