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Our Leader - Maggie

Maggie’s experience at Glenunga International High School as the key Chinese teacher, teaching SACE Continuers, SACE Background, IB Chinese A, IB Mandarin B and Year 8-10 Australia Curriculum Chinese as a second language. During the first 3 years of teaching at Glenunga the number of students in the program doubled and 40% of the Students in Maggie’s IB Mandarin B classes gained a score of 7 out of 7. In the final 2020 exam, 80% of her IB Mandarin DP class achieved 7’s as 2nd language learners.

In 2013, Maggie was appointed by the Department of Education as the Information Computer Technology (ICT) leader for the eastern Adelaide area. As the ICT leader she was responsible for developing and conducting workshops for teachers on the integration of web-based learning tools into language classrooms. She successfully ran a program over 4 terms engaging 87 South Australian primary and high school teachers. 

Maggie has been an excellent mentor to dozens of teachers in Adelaide and other states. Her reputation is not limited to Chinese language teaching community but language teaching networks in general. Many pre-service teachers, early career teachers graduated from SA local universities learned from Maggie through either official university-school mentoring program or numerous workshops she delivered and shared along the years. Recent years, Maggie’s outstanding teaching experience was noticed by teacher training programs at the top universities in South Australia: Dr Purvis at the University of Adelaide and Dr Pham from the University of South Australia invited Maggie to share her expert knowledge in curriculum development and teaching methodology engaging school age students, as well as understanding school culture and working environment.

Education Service Australian interviewed and documented Maggie’s innovative game based language teaching in 2012 and posted videos and teaching methodology on their Language Learning Space (https://www.lls.edu.au/home).

To further develop and expand her knowledge in these areas Maggie has actively pursued opportunities to interact and share knowledge with professional learning communities and networks. Maggie has been invited on several occasions to participate as a presenter of seminars and workshops on the areas on interest outlined in her master’s studies and her expertise in teaching. These have included the 7th International Chinese teaching conference at Wesley College 2019. 

Topics of the workshops and seminars Maggie has developed and run in recent years include:

    • Chinese beginning class, are we making Chinese learning harder for L2 learners? 
    • Text-based language Methodology – a key to make language learning relevant
    • How to increase classroom engagement
    • Classroom management with less management
    • Working in classrooms with multi-level language students through layered teaching and learning
    • Visible thinking – Harvard University Ground Zero Project application in IB Mandarin DP class

Apart from her commitment to her teaching and leadership development, Maggie also continues to be a productive researcher. During Maggie’s master’s degree at the University of Adelaide, she had two primary focuses: high school Chinese language program curriculum design and language teaching methodology. She undertook extensive research consulting with academics both in Australia and overseas. On completion of her masters at the end of 2014, Maggie contributed articles from her dissertation in international publications: ‘Text Based Research and Teaching’ (2017) and ‘Researching Chinese Language Education: Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspectives’ (2018) working with international academics and teachers.  

Maggie is currently undertaking her PhD research focusing on the real-life experiences of internationally trained migrant teachers that have successfully made the transition into the Australian education system. The anticipated findings of her research are to better equip education departments and associations that employ internationally trained and educated teachers to better manage the transition and gain ownership  into Australian classrooms and professional networks. 


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Text based teaching for an IB program, in Researching Chinese Language Education: Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspectives. Routledge Research in Language Education, UK 2018


We believe that education provides opportunities for those that proactively seek excel.

From Maggie’s student.