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Our Curriculum

Chinese as a heritage language program & curriculum is developed and refined by our team based on the textbook developed and edited by the Nanyang University appointed by Singapore Curriculum Planning & Development Division Ministry of Education as the national Chinese language textbooks.

This model was adopted after extensive research into best practice approaches and available active pedagogies relating to needs of Chinese students living outside of mainland China.

The program combines the essence of IB PYP and the principles behind the National Curriculum for primary schooling, working across a transdisciplinary program that includes subject content in PE, Science, Maths and Chinese Art. 

It took ABC College 3 years’ time to adapt the textbooks to better reflect Australian students’ life and cultural perspectives. The time designed all teaching materials and activities with over 15 years teaching experience and research. Online learning content has been continually reviewed and updated to respond to students needs and feedback since 2019. The program has been well-received by over 300 families and students.   

When refining the teaching methodology and pedagogy for the heritage Chinese program, our director Maggie decided to take a brave and innovative initiative to incorporate Total Physical Responses, Multisensory Learning, and bilingual pedagogy in all lesson plans. All classes now have a component of meaningful physical movement as one of the lesson activities. The outcomes have been greater engagement with the students and increased confidence in the teachers to try new classroom activities that expand the learning environment.

In 2020, we introduced an expanded program that includes not only Chinese language, but also Maths, Science, Visual Arts, PE and. Teachers are involved in a continuous improvement program that continually customises our teaching materials to ensure their effectiveness to ensure they remain relevant and effective to students at all levels. The model allows individual students to develop and apply their skills in Chinese by being exposed to multiple disciplines knowledge and contexts. (additional images needed for this component)
Chinese as an additional language program & curriculum is led by a group of Australian trained experienced Chinese language teachers. Students have enjoyed the engaging learning environment and teaching style. All teachers are trained locally and currently teaching at prestige schools. The textbooks are hand selected to best suit ELC to primary school programs. We have completed the curriculum design for middle school and senior year level 2nd language programs to cater for the students who wish to pursue Chinese as one of their final exam subjects.